9 Astonishing moments I had as a traveler in Bali

1) I learned looking at the monkey can be dangerous.

I was trying to take a video with my phone of the monkeys at the Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud. Accidently I found myself staring at one of them who was close to me. I should never, EVER do that again. The cute creature tried to snatch my phone from my hand. I’m a little embarrassed to admit that he almost won.

2)I feel so welcomed.

I don’t see any doors! Bali has a culture of welcoming everyone and you will notice they have a no–entrance gate policy.

3) My alarm clock was a rooster.

From the first morning I woke up in Bali, there was always one loud rooster who decided to ruin my precious sleep at 4 a.m. because he felt like it.

4) I conquered wild traffic every day.

Bali traffic is crazy! you share the roads with motorbikes, cars, bus, scooters, dogs, chickens and wagons. However, no road rage here. People are helpful and considerate with each other.

5) Animal therapy is right outside of your door.

Balinese are pet lovers and in most home there are at least 2 types of pet. Pets such as dogs or even cats roam around in the street, they are not stray cats and dogs. They are such a delight, they are playful and love to be petted.

6) It shocks me that the World’s most expensive coffee is Kopi Luwak.The coffee that comes out of the cat’s butt.

One of the specialties of Bali is the coffee beans for this coffee are gathered from a Civat Cat’s droppings! The reason why kopi luwak is so good is because the luwak only goes after the best and ripest coffee fruit. The other reason is because, in the luwak stomach, fermentation occurs, and the coffee beans get a different flavor. A single cup can costs as much as $50.

7) I almost forgot the silent festival.

This is the day when Bali celebrates Neypi day, a day on which the whole island is closed which means no travel, no work, and not even electricity; so basically no noise. People spend this day meditating and self – reflecting. Neypi day is actually their New Year.

8) I get my bones cracked every other day.

Guess who run the world? Balinese women Just kidding! They have steel for fingers. They pounded my back, neck and shoulders and rolled out my spine. If you choose Balinese massage they also performed a whole lot of acrobatic maneuvers as you lay face-down on the table, hoping to God you never piss one of them off.

9) I became a millionaire.

The Indonesian Rupiah is the currency of Indonesia. With the USD to IDR conversion being 1 to almost 14K, I don’t need to get lottery or go to a game show, I lived it up big time. I’ll have some more spa, please.


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