How I ended up moving to Puerto Morelos instead of Bali

I am in Puerto Morelos currently, a small beach town located in between Cancun and Playa del Carmen. Our nomadic lifestyle brought us here since Bali is not open to international tourism. Initially, we booked a place in Cancun but after much thought decided on Puerto Morelos. We preferred a small – town vibe and not very touristy. We did not want to live in a commercialized place flooded with instagrammers. I do have to say Cancun has beautiful beaches with lively nightlife and plethora of things to do.

We would like to live in a smaller community accessible to the beach and markets by walking or bicycle. With some research online, I found this town. I have also confirmed with friends who have heard that this town is also a nice place to visit.

Once we settled in, we headed to the beach. We walked through the main square. We passed by rows of charming little coffee shops, restaurants and bars. I felt the Bali- vibe. I do not hear loud thumping but soft music as I walked along. There are no high-rises but low-rise condos, some has thatched roofs and some not. Within the main square you will see only one marquesita food stall and there were about 4 or 5 people patiently waiting in line. As I continue walking, I noticed the vendors are not pushy. I don’t hear anyone whistling as I have in PDC and Cancun. I felt at ease.

We moved into a lovely Townhouse in La Colonia side. If you live in this area, it is walkable to shops and restaurants. I saw families walking on the streets, I felt safe. I believe quite a few of expats lives here. And oh! there are Yoga classes too!

I found a ” Bali” in Puerto Morelos. What does that mean? It is a metaphor I made up . We feel in love with Bali for it’s beautiful scenery, the warm beaches, tropical climate, the delicious food, the incredible culture and the kind people. Even though there is no rice fields, temples and waterfalls, it is the lifestyle that is similar here. That is what we have longed for..a laid-back friendly lifestyle.

There is culture here, the locals are welcoming and friendly and the pace is very laid-back.

The tiki-hut filled with lush green trees and nature in our backyard adds to the charm of our house and felt Bali-like.

The rooster was my alarm clock in Bali but here the grackle bird.

In conclusion, I hope this town stays the way it is for a long time. This may not be the place for everyone but it has found a place in my heart. The “Bali” in Puerto Morelos must be felt with the heart.


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