Fun Things To do in Cheyenne, Wyoming

Our last day of visit in Denver was on Sep 11th 2020 and our next destination was Brekenridge. However, the resort we booked in Brekenridge was only available from Sep 16th. We had three days in between so we decided to visit Cheyenne, Wyoming. It’s only about an hour and a half drive from Denver.Here are some of my favorite things to do on this trip-


This was our first stop. Admission and parking at the Garden are free. There are tons of amazing opportunities for photos before you even enter the Paul Smith Children’s Village, and once inside there is a green house. There are paths that guide you through a variety of exhibits including life-size tee pees, a koi pond with bridge, a variety of wind-power generating sculptures, and plants and flowers.


The Wyoming State Capitol is a National Historic Landmark. The building went through a four-year restoration and renovation and is now open to the public. The parking was easy and you are allowed to wander the halls and view the house and senate rooms. There is exquisite woodwork, tile floors, paintings, stained glass and statues to see within. If you enjoy architecture, history and art this is worth visiting.

Bison Ranch

This bison train ride was a lot of fun! We came here and took the noon ride. Admission for adult is $15 and it’s about an hour. The ranch has around 2500 bison roaming around but you don’t get to see all of them, unless you take an entire day and wander out. They have a few dozen bison in an enclosed area where we get to feed them..

The train takes you pass ostriches, alpacas, camels and horses and then arrive at the bison area.
The bison starts to come to our train. There is a  bucket of food pellets to feed them. It didn’t costs extra so that was good.

We had enough time to feed them around 25 mins. Then there is a short act, a miniature horse name Price that knows how to count. That was amazing too!

After the ride, we ate bison Ribeye at their restaurant and the food was really good.

The only place in America where you can feed bison. A must visit!


There are 25 Big Boots in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Created by Cheyenne artists as part of a fund raiser for the Cheyenne Depot Plaza, you’ll see people all over town taking pictures in front of the boots.The Big Boots are eight-foot tall fiberglass boots, each painted with whimsical, historical or even scientific themes, which are scattered throughout the city. Local maps are available online and from the Union Pacific Depot Visitor Center.


The Cheyenne Depot is a National Historic Landmark and has recently been fully restored. It was closed when we were there. The Cheyenne Depot Museum tells the story of the creation of the city of Cheyenne during the construction of the Transcontinental Railroad.


This train is located in Holliday Park . The largest steam engine in the world. It is nice to take a stroll in the park.

Big Boy is permanently parked with a chain-link fence surrounding him.


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