7 Marvelous things to do in Denver

Known as the Mile High City, Denver is the capital of Colorado and one of my favorite city to visit in the US. There are thousands of unique bars, restaurants, breweries, shops, arts districts, and theaters throughout the metro area. Surrounded by mountains, Denver is the good base for those who loves outdoor adventure.

My partner and I stayed a month in August last year. It is my second time in Denver and we really enjoyed all the things it has to offer.

We stayed in a great location close to Washington Park and Cherry Creek Mall. Here, it is walkable to everywhere, to restaurants, Zoo, grocery stores and even to the State Capitol.

Here are our favorite things to do in Denver:

  1. Denver Zoo

I like to support the zoo and I love animals alhough it’s hard to see them in captivity. You will need to book your tickets online. I actually liked it better with the restrictions. They have a one way walking path and a maximum amount of people allowed in.

Their LEGO displays that people made of the animals there are pretty cool.

2. The Wizard’s Chest

it is designed to look like a medieval castle and is a one-of-a-kind costume and toy store in Denver for all ages. It is interesting to stop by and browse around.

You will find makeup, accessories and costume sets for Halloween or cosplay events and I enjoyed seeing the science toys and board games. They also have open-play nights for Magic: Pokemon, The Gathering and other role-playing games! However, please call as events always changes due to Covid-19.

3. The Colorado State Capitol

Another place that I really wanted to see due to its beautiful architecture.

I learned that the 15th step of the Capitol is exactly 1 mile above sea level! unfortunately, that area was closed. Nontheless, we wondered around the grounds and took some great photos. There were a lot of homeless camped out nearby but they do not bother you.

4. Larimer Square & 16th Street

Larimer Square is the first area that was built in Denver back in 1858. Nowadays, you will find a historic district full of beautiful renovated old buildings, bars, shops, eateries and hotels.

We stopped by after sunset at Larimer Square and 16th Street. The streets are especially charming after sunset where cute lanterns and twinkle lights brighten up this district making it feel extra magical.

5. Washington Park

We stayed near Wash Park and we enjoyed watching the squirrels, the peaceful scenery and people watching.

There are rose gardens, two lakes and you can rent bicycles, paddle-boats and more. A paved car-free street provides lanes for bikes, strollers, and rollerbladers.

6. Cherry Creek

Cherry Creek is known as one of the most upscale neighborhoods of Denver. It is nice to take a stroll and dine in at one of the many restaurants there.

6. Adrift

This is a fun place to eat, drink and hangout.

Fantastic atmosphere, friendly staff, creative delicious drinks!

The food was just as delicious. We shared Duck wings, seaside skewers and tempura shrimp. For drinks, Mai tai, Jungle bird, house daiquiri and house cocktails. They also have food and bottled cocktails to go.

7. The Dushanbe Teahouse

Located in Boulder, a place worth visiting for tea time. This is a beautiful and a hidden gem!! The history is intriguing. Built by hand in Dushanbe, Tajikistan in 1987 and then was gifted to Boulder. More than 40 artisans came together in Tajikistan to create all the decorative pieces that went into building this teahouse. There is outdoor seatings next to a creek, lovely day to sit outside but we sat indoor due the beautiful decor and music. We ordered Persian Khoresh Bademjan – braised beef, roasted eggplant, roasted carrots, basmati rice, house-made naan.

For tea – Blue Moon™ – black tea, flavors of vanilla, almond and blueberry. The food were amazingly delicious. I wasn’t expecting to be so good because it is a tourist place. The teas were tasty and came in a cute small pot. The ceiling is hand-painted, the stools, the tables, and columns are all hand-carved and interesting, as well as the colorful exterior panels. In return Boulder gifted Dushanbe a “Dushanbe Cybercafe. ” A must experience in my opinion.


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