How I ditched the Daily Grind to Travel the World

This post was written on July 8th, 2020. I looked out the window from my current lodging in Durango, Colorado and thought how did I get this lucky? Looking back more than three months earlier, I was seating in my cubicle typing up my resignation letter. I took a seat in my boss’s office and told her what my partner Wes and I intended to do.

My plan was to sell everything, quit my job, and travel. More than three months ago, during my one-on-one meeting, she asked me where do I see myself in three years. ” I have something to say.” I blurted. She knew I am a world traveler and my partner Wes and I had envisioned ourselves in moving to Europe in the future. She exclaimed, ” Uh-oh!” I smiled and said ” I am leaving. ” She smiled and exclaimed, “I knew it!” My new soon to be boss was at the office room as well was quite astounded. They took the news well. They were sad to know that I’ll be leaving but supportive and excited for me.

Flashback to the year 2018 when we returned from Budapest, I started thinking there was more to life. I did not want a desk job, my car, my mortgage. I wanted to explore, capture moments, to write and travel the world.

One morning after that Europe trip in Summer of 2018, I turned to Wes and sigh. ” I dream of Budapest. Their laid back culture, the friendly people, the delicious food, their magnificent history and architecture and best of all –  the quality of life.” Wes turned to me. ” You saw it too? I didn’t say anything and wanted to see if you saw what I saw.” I continued, ” It was always a dream of mine to live a nomadic life. To explore the World.

So we talked some more and agreed about moving to Budapest, Hungary. But there was always the concern of cold for me. So we kept our minds open. Time passed and then I came across Bali, Indonesia. I told my partner to go there for our vacation and see if we like it, we can stay in Bali first before moving onto a different city or country. In August we went and we fell in love with Bali. From Bali, we would like to make it our home and travel the world from there. And also move to Budapest when the time is right.

This is why I ditched the daily grind to travel the world? I am restless! I spent everyday of my life thinking about travel, thinking about new places to explore, watch travel shows and read stories related to travel. I was working full time and I escaped the cubicle when I can to travel anywhere for the weekend or during my normal vacation time. Everybody’s ideal life is different, mine is to travel the world, experience different cultures, and explore the unknown.

I have troubles accepting the way life was designed. The way we were supposed to live. Spending most of our lives working a 40 hour week job & buying material things. I am not the norm. In my opinion, how can we grow if we stay in the same place & doing the same things?! Ofcourse you can grow up the corporate ladder but what I mean is the world is a big place and there’s so much to learn and see what’s better out there you are capable of.

I said good bye to the corporate world and started traveling. I was born to travel and explore and I couldn’t do it with a full time job. After living in Charlotte NC for 17 years and going on 8 and half years in Las Vegas, I needed a new change. As mentioned previously, the plan was to move to Budapest, until we visited Bali which we loved it so much. The island has everything we need and want plus amazing, friendly, humble Balinese people. I would like to give back to the Bali communities.

How am I able to travel financially?

It was a long journey getting to where I am. There were good times and bad times. Nothing was given to me, I earned it. Left my country Bangladesh on my own and to start a new life in the US which was my dream.

(With my family, me on the left)

That dream came true when I left for USA when I was 20. Yes USA was an eye opener in a good way. I worked full time and studied full time until I finished my Bachelor degree. I saved money to travel whenever I can. Things happened for about 12 years when I was with a wrong person, an irreconcilable differences. And one day, it’s the timing that I met the love of my life, who is so compatible with similar interest like mine. I saved, invested and sacrified, worked hard whenever I can to make my next dream come true and that is to travel fulltime.

I put up my house for sale and thankfully I got it sold on April 17th 2020. We had already moved to a rental while the house was on the market. We stayed in the rental for almost three months.

We had our Farewell Party on March and planned to leave Las Vegas in April but Covid-19 outbreak happened so we couldn’t leave the country yet. My partner and I decided to road trip in the US until the overseas borders open and safer for US Citizens to travel. We packed our suitcases in my car and started road tripping in the United States.

I want to explore the World. When needed, I will find a part time job and see where life takes me. Working hard all my life has paid off. I’m finally able to ‘sort of’ retire for a while and be truly a nomad, my life long dream come true.


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