How To Spend 2 Wonderful Days in Luxembourg City

As the fourth-smallest country in Europe, Luxembourg may seem underrated, but what we discovered surprised us. I didn’t know a lot about this city but I knew it is one of the richest country in the world.

Beautiful buildings

From Bruges, the train ride was about 3 hours. Once we arrived, we took a taxi and checked into our apartment that is centrally located. We stayed at CAB Ap’art. The apartment is very clean, well -maintained and modern. The kitchen was well equipped, the wifi was fast and the bed was comfortable.

Great place and centrally located

Shortly after settling in, we headed out to lunch. Le Grand Cafe by Redbeef didn’t disappoint. The ambiance is chic, food was delicious and the service was friendly.

Le Grand Cafe

Since Luxembourg City is very compact and highly walkable, making it easy to cover a lot of area quickly, we decided to only spent two nights here. Just a few minutes walk from the apartment is the Golden Lady. The Golden Lady (also known as Gëlle Fra or the Monument of Remembrance) is a symbol of the freedom and resistance of the Luxembourgish people and one of the most famous Luxembourg landmarks.

The Golden Lady

An excellent little castle to visit is Vianden Castle, located in Vianden in the north of Luxembourg. It is one of the largest fortified castles west of the Rhine. The origins dates from the 10th century, the castle was built in the Romanesque style from the 11th to 14th centuries. Stunning views and although we didn’t have time for a tour inside, I would recommend this tour. We heard the little cannon being fired. Also it has a Taverna inside for food and drinks.

Nearby is Adolphe Bridge, built in the early 1900s stone-arch bridge with beautiful views from the top. Walk on the bridge and also there is a suspended walkway below which is the preferred route for cyclists and pedestrian.

As you reach the bottom of the bridge, a quiet, lush and well-maintained park awaits you. You can spend hours here hiking, people watching, walking or picnicking.

The next day, we head down to the Grund which is the lower part of Luxembourg City. The Grund has a different atmosphere from the modern city above. Get various photo angles of the view over the Alzette valley. The good news is that the Grund can also be accessed by an elevator. If you have the energy, you can stroll down the narrow streets, check out the variety of local stores, architectures or enjoy drinks at the cafes.

Views from Bock Casemates

Not to be missed is Bock Casemates (Casemates du Bock). It is a fortress and the first casemates were constructed by the Spaniards in the 17th century as an underground defense system and was later enlarged by the French. The historical Old Town of Luxembourg City and the Pétrusse casemates, the Bock casemates are UNESCO World Heritage. You get beautiful views of the city and amazing photos to remember.

We got hungry and had lunch at Scott’s Pub. One of the prettiest location in the city. Sit outside next to the water and bridge and watch ducks, birds and wildlife go by. The food is delicious and the choice on the menu is broad and diverse. Very nice laid back atmosphere.

Stop at The Roman Catholic Notre-Dame Cathedral which is the country’s only cathedral. Built in the early 17th century in late Gothic style, with a number of attractive Renaissance features added later.

Have dinner at a hidden gem restaurant called Bei de Bouwen. Get a taste of some luxembourgish typical dishes! You are served some tasty bread and butter as a starter. The dishes are hearty. The place is quiet and the atmosphere is relaxed. We stopped by pretty late and the lady owner was nice to let us in for dinner. It was a memorable experience.

Bei de Bouwen. Get a taste of some luxembourgish typical dishes

Some Facts to know:

Capital of Luxembourg : Luxembourg City

Official languages : French, German, and Luxembourgish are the three official languages. English is widely spoken, especially in the capital.

Luxembourg has the highest minimum wage in the EU. The workers earn a minimum of EUR 1,923 per month.

Other must visit attractions :

Tour the Museum of Modern Art 

Visit The Grand Duchal Palace

Explore by bike

Go wine tastings along the Moselle River

Browse the designer boutiques & high-end antique stores

Overall, a wonderful city not to be missed!

Did you know anything about Luxembourg before? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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