What To Know Before You Go : Tunis, Tunisia (Africa)

Tunisia is a small North African country known for its beautiful landscapes and amazing coasts. Tunis is the capital of Tunisia and is located on the Mediterranean coast. It is bordered by Algeria to the west and Libya to the southeast.

Tunisia is situated on the Mediterranean coast of Northwest Africa


The currency in Tunisia is Dinar. Dollars, Euros and Pounds are not widely accepted. 
Payment with credit and debit card is widely accepted.

Visa and Passport Requirements

Most nationalities including travelers from the US, Canada, and the UK will not need to get visa to enter Tunisia as a tourist. 


The official language is Arabic, but most of locals are bilingual in Arabic and French. English is not very common.

What to eat

Tunisian cuisine ranges of dishes influenced by Arabic, French, and Mediterranean. It also changes from region to region, but you will find lamb, fresh fish and couscous everywhere. Tunisian meals are rich in spices such as cumin, coriander, saffron and harissa.

What to drink

Tunisians are coffee drinkers. Everywhere you go there is good coffee and they drink it black.

What to see

Carthage, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was founded in 814 BC and was a Roman metropolis in North Africa. Many of the sites now stand in ruins. Today, Carthage is a wealthy suburb of Tunis.

Bardo Museum has the best mosaics collection in the world. The museum covers the whole history of the area with all the civilizations that influenced its culture and diversity –Greek, Phoenician, Roman, and more. The Treasure Room is a magnificent blend of cultural architecture and design.

Sidi Bou Saïd, a blue-and-white, picturesque village that looks over the Mediterranean Sea. One of the most beautiful villages in the Mediterranean, around 15 miles from Tunis.
You can wander around the boutiques for souvenirs, snacks or relax at a cliff-side Moorish cafe.

Zitouna Mosque/ Al-Zaytuna, one of the oldest mosque in North Africa. It was founded in 734 and built on a site once occupied by a church. Centrally located and close to all the traditional shops. The mosque is known to host one of the first and greatest universities in the history of Islam.

Zitouna Mosque
Selling their Persian carpets

Souks/Arab Markets – you can find tiny shops selling jewelry, carpets, perfume, wedding dresses, spices, fabric and leather wear. Vividly colored spices everywhere, and taste the delicious makroud ( local pastries).

Exploring the markets with a tour group

If you have any questions, please comment below. Love to hear from you!


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