Snorkeling in Aruba- “ One Happy Island”

Snorkeling is one of the best adventure you can have in Aruba. I love snorkeling and I love Aruba! The first time I went snorkeling was in Xcaret, Mexico. I was nervous at first. I put the gear on, went in the water and realized what a colourful and peaceful world it is under water. After visiting Aruba, I was hooked on snorkeling and marine life. My favorite part of snorkeling was seeing the vibrant coral reefs, sea stars, colorful tropical fish, and turtles. I never stop dreaming and reminising the wonders of the ocean and appreciating the way it made me feel.

You can expect a warm weather in Oranjestad, the capital city of Aruba. The water average temperature is around 30 C / 86 F. The best way is to get on a boat, it provides the easiest access to a number of favorite site and many sites are also accessible from shore. Even though, it’s southern coast has the calmest, clearest turquoise waters, the best Aruba snorkeling beaches is on the east and west side of the island.

Aruba is famous for wrecks. My partner and I did the Pedernales Wreck. The Pedernales was an oil tanker that was torpedoed during World War II by the German military. You can find everything from cabins, pipelines to lavatories, and washbasins and also many groupers and angelfish.

This wreck is good for diving as well. Most every Aruba snorkeling site offers the ability to swim with many fish,  and often in 12 feet of water or less. Besides, snorkeling and enjoying the amazing white sand beaches, there are lots of water activities such as Power Snorkeling, Snuba, Sailing, and many more. You will love Aruba!

The hotel we stayed in was in Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino and we really like it. It has its own private island which I love. A beautiful private tropical retreat with white sand beaches, flamingos and crystal clear waters.

Renaissance Aruba resort’s private Island

The next snorkeling spot was at De Palm Island. This is a barrier island destination fun park south of town. You pay for the day and it takes a full day to experience what it has to offer. Also it includes food and shore snorkeling. De Palm Island have two protected, man-made coves that are a good for spotting may kinds of fish. I suggest for a more advanced experienced, you can snorkel outside the coves.

Here are some basic Beginner’s info to snorkeling~

Snorkeling is a surface sport so you don’t need to know how to swim. The snorkel gear consists of a face mask, a tube and a pair of fins. Do an Equipment Check (Mask, Snorkel, Fins) and make sure they fit. If you know you are going to be doing a lot of, I suggest buying your own equipment.

Definitely put snorkeling in Aruba on your bucket list!


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  1. I have always been interested in snorkeling. After reading this I know it is something I would really enjoy. I love the places you go.

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