Why You Will Fall In Love With Budapest In Just One Visit

I fell in love with Budapest.

Budapest is known as the Paris of Eastern Europe. Even though, it’s wildly underrated, in my opinion, the city is very charming and has a lot to offer.  

Welcome to Budapest!

Budapest (Buda, Pest and Óbuda), the capital of Hungary

Three cities grew over the centuries and developed side by side along the banks of the Danube: Buda, site of the royal residence; Pest with its powerful growth from the 19th century; and Óbuda, known for its less urban but pleasant citizens and restaurants. The city was inhabited since Roman times. 

During my three weeks in Europe last year, my boyfriend and I spent a week in Budapest. I found myself completely infatuated with the city.

Here’s why you will fall in love with Budapest

~It’s romantic and filled with unique incredible architectures- A must visit to see the beautiful architectures of the Hungarian Parliament and the Buda Castle. Picnic on the Margitsziget (Margaret Island) located on the Danube river, which is the hidden gem of Budapest.

a bar called Kadarka barka in Margaret Island

Sit on top of Gellert Hill by the balcony of the romantic Fisherman’s Bastion atop the Castle Hill. This definitely feels like one of the most beautiful places that exist on earth. In addition, go on a Danube river cruise day and night to enjoy the beautiful views.

 ~ It’s very affordable – Budapest is one of the cheapest cities in Europe. We had a very cozy, nice modern apartment for a week around $77 a night. You can get a 3 star hotel for about $25 night.  For a nice meal, you will pay less than $20 and glasses of wine and beer for around $2 or $3. Such great value for your money!

We stayed in Welcome Budapest Apartments

~ Public transportation is cheap – It’s one of the best ways to get around and Budapest has all three available at every corner. Metro is available and you can get to almost any point in the city from the trams and buses, just by hopping on the affordable public transit system. I also love the fact that Budapest is a great city just to walk around.

~Thermal baths, Ruin Bars, and Cafes  are some of the world’s finest – Szechenyi and Gellert are a couple of the most popular ones. Budapest is called “City of Spas”, and it has more medicinal and  thermal water springs than any other capital city in the world.

Thermal Beer Spa- A must do!

Ruin Bars- The ruin bars are quaint, neglected buildings which were left in ruins after World War II and has been converted to bars and clubs.

Szimpla Kert is one of the popular one. All ruins bars offer you a unique experience and atmosphere. There are countless bistros, restaurants, taverns, fast food places, as well as international eateries. We enjoyed an afternoon tea at New York Palace Café. It’s located in the old, historical building and has one of the most beautiful interiors we have seen in Budapest.

Afternoon Tea in New York Palace Cafe

 ~ Museums and Festivals are abundant-  There are more than 100 museums  with various exhibitions. Also includes concert halls, cultural event or program. The themes of the museum includes science, history, fine arts, contemporary arts, and gastronomy. I would like to attend their festivals like the Budapest Spring Festival and the CAFE Budapest Autumn Festival.

~  Interesting Culture and People – The culture of Budapest is reflected by Budapest’s size and variety. Most Hungarian cultural movements first emerged in the city. Budapest is an important center for film, music, dance, theatre, and visual art. Hungarians are friendly and are very helpful and are willing to help you with directions and recommendations.

~ Delicious Food –  When it comes to the food you should definitely try langos – a fried dough served with sour cream and cheese. It’s very delicious and filling. Another famous Budapest food is goulash (meat soup), retes (Hungarian strudel) , halaszle (fisherman’s soup), kürtőskalács (chimney cake- delicious!), and lecso (vegetable stew).

Last but not least- wine! And that’s what Hungary is famous from.


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